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Kinetic Sand – Beach Day Fun Playset


Discover the Magic of Kinetic Sand – Beach Day Fun Playset

Experience the wonder of The One and Only Kinetic Sand with our Beach Day Fun Playset! This isn’t just any sand; it’s a magical substance that sticks to itself, not to you. Watch in amazement as it oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes, behaving like a liquid without leaving any residue on your fingers. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play, the set comes complete with 20 imaginative ways to play, equipping you with everything necessary to construct the sandcastle of your dreams, anytime, anywhere.

Innovative All New Beach Sand Formula

Feel the unique sensation with just one touch of our All New Beach Sand. It’s designed to mimic the feeling of wet beach sand yet only sticks to itself, ensuring a mess-free play experience. Say goodbye to sandy hands, clothes, and bags! The special blend of large grains creates a realistic feel, perfect for building and sculpting.

Endless Educational Creative Fun

Encourage your child’s creativity and fine motor skills with our Beach Day Fun Playset. With 4 sand raking tools and 5 molds, children can explore and develop their imaginative play and dexterity. Plus, the sand’s ability to hold its shape allows for intricate designs. And, it’s reusable – Kinetic Sand never dries out or hardens, giving life to endless creations.

Safe, Non-Toxic Play

Comprised of a special mix of beach sand and polymers, our Kinetic Sand is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and completely safe for play. Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, you can rest assured knowing your child is engaged in safe, creative play. This playset includes 340 grams of Kinetic Sand Beach Sand, 5 molds, 4 tools, and a transformable sand box for the ultimate beach day adventure.

Unleash Endless Creativity with Kinetic Sand - Beach Day Fun Playset

Welcome to a world of sensory delight and unlimited imagination where your children can craft the sandcastles of their dreams anytime, anywhere! Introducing the Kinetic Sand - Beach Day Fun Playset, a magical substance that captivates young minds and hands. Let's dive into this enchanting playset that promises to deliver not just fun, but also an educational experience to your little ones.

Magical, Mesmeric, Marvelous: The One and Only Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is not your average sand; it's a magical marvel in the world of tactile play. With its unique property of sticking to itself and never to you, it offers a mesmerizing experience that keeps you clean and stress-free. Watch as your children marvel at its ability to ooze, move, and melt right before their eyes. Kinetic Sand flows through fingers like a liquid, but surprisingly leaves them completely dry. Imagine the amazement on your child's face as they explore the 20 different ways to play with this toy kit.

Feel the Fun with All New Beach Sand Texture

The tactile sensation of this playset is unparalleled, as it feels like wet beach sand without any of the mess. Kinetic Beach Sand is crafted with larger grains for a satisfying and realistic beach sand feel, perfect for sculpting and shaping. Say goodbye to sandy hands, clothes, and hair, as this sand is designed to stick to itself, ensuring an easy cleanup after playtime.

Stimulating and Educational Playtime

It's not all about fun; the Kinetic Sand - Beach Day Fun Playset is a valuable educational tool that enhances children's motor skills, imagination, and manipulative ability. Equipped with 4 sand raking tools and 5 molds, children can craft intricate designs and figures, promoting cognitive development through play. Kinetic Sand is soft and easy to sculpt yet impressively holds its shape to show incredible detail, allowing your child to build and rebuild without limits. Since it never dries or hardens, the possibilities for creation are truly endless.

Safe, Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic

What's more important than the safety of your children? The Kinetic Sand Beach Day Fun Playset meets the highest standards of safety. Made with a special formula of beach sand and polymers, this delightful sensory sand is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making it an ideal gift for both indoor and outdoor play. Parents can rest assured that this playset is safe for kids aged 3 and up.

The Complete Kinetic Sand Playset

Ready to embark on a beach adventure from the comfort of your home? The Kinetic Sand - Beach Day Fun Playset includes 340 grams of the signature Kinetic Beach Sand, 5 versatile molds to inspire architectural wonders, 4 tools to craft and shape with precision, and 1 transformable sand box that doubles as a carry case and play area. Create, play, and store with ease - this playset is everything your child needs for hours of stimulating and imaginative fun.


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