FABA – Let’s Sing Together: Canzoni in Inglese

Scopri il Magico Mondo di FABA – Let’s Sing Together!

Presentiamo FABA – Let’s Sing Together: Canzoni in Inglese, la statuina sonora ideale per immergersi nell’apprendimento della lingua inglese! Con il simpatico ragnetto Incy Wincy, i bambini possono cantare e imparare in modo facile e divertente. Questo personaggio famosissimo introduce i piccoli ad un universo di parole nuove attraverso canzoni familiari e melodie orecchiabili.

Con una durata di circa 30 minuti, questo set educativo include 15 tra le più amate canzoncine in inglese, come “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” e “If You Are Happy and You Know It”. Oltre a divertire, Let’s Sing Together è strumento educativo di grande valore, soprattutto per chi desidera dare ai propri figli un introduzione giocosa alla lingua inglese.

Tutto ciò è possibile con il Raccontastorie FABA (venduto separatamente), oppure utilizzando l’App MyFaba. I personaggi sonori, tra cui Incy Wincy Spider, sono realizzati con materiale atossico e sono completamente sicuri per il gioco indipendente.

Unisciti al divertimento ed entra nel mondo melodioso dell’inglese con FABA – Let’s Sing Together!

Introducing FABA - Let's Sing Together: Canzoni in Inglese

Welcome to the enchanting world of FABA, where learning and fun come together through music and stories! We are excited to present "FABA - Let's Sing Together: Canzoni in Inglese", an immersive audio experience that will captivate your children while introducing them to the joys of the English language.

La Statuina Sonora di Incy Wincy Spider

Part of the allure of FABA is its unique STATUINA SONORA system, and our beloved Incy Wincy Spider is no exception. Designed to be placed on the Faba Storyteller - a sophisticated audio device that plays stories, songs, and more - these 3D statuettes are more than just toys; they're your child's new learning companions. Please note, the FABA Storyteller device is sold separately.

Un Personaggio Sonoro Educativo

The adorable Incy Wincy Spider is a character cherished by children worldwide. Not only does it help them engage with English from an early age, but it also makes learning new vocabulary fun and exciting. Incy Wincy comes with a variety of cheerful songs that serve as easy and enjoyable English lessons for your little ones.

Impara Giocando: Lezioni di Inglese

With approximately 30 minutes of content, curated by the publisher Vvee Media, "Let's Sing Together" ensures that learning English is a breeze. Each song is simple, upbeat, and perfect for helping children memorize words and phrases while having a blast. The playlist includes favorites like "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes", "Bingo", and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", ensuring a diverse range of fun learning material.

Contents Included:

  • 1 Head shoulders knees and toes
  • 2 Bingo
  • 3 Five little ducks
  • 4 A Ram Sam Sam
  • 5 Happy birthday song
  • 6 If you are happy and you know it
  • 7 Incy wincy spider
  • 8 London bridge is falling down
  • 9 Old McDonald had a farm
  • 10 The crocodile song
  • 11 The finger family
  • 12 Wash your hands
  • 13 The little boat
  • 14 Rain rain go away
  • 15 Twinkle twinkle little star

Educativo e Sicuro

Not only is "FABA - Let's Sing Together: Canzoni in Inglese" educational, but it's also safe for your child to use. Each character, including our friendly Incy Wincy Spider, is certified non-toxic and designed for kids to play with independently. Moreover, all the educational content can be accessed via the FABA Storyteller or the MyFABA app.

In a nutshell, FABA's "Let's Sing Together" is a treasure trove of fun, music, and education, aimed at engaging your children with the English language in a safe, entertaining, and interactive way. Embrace this wonderful journey of learning with your little ones, and let the songs of Incy Wincy Spider bring joy and knowledge into your home!

Remember to explore more of the FABA universe and discover all the different characters and stories that are waiting to be part of your child's adventure in learning.


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